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Why are Owls Considered Wise?

Owls are a very popular species and have a reputation of being very smart and wise. The reason for this reputation appears to be the owl’s abilities especially during the night. Owls have huge eyes that are said to be one of the best in terms of night vision. Their eyes seem laser-sharp making them very effective against their prey during night time. Owls also have large ears that are very sensitive when it comes to hearing. Their hearing ability is considered crucial to their survival against possible predators like snakes.

With laser-like vision and impeccable hearing abilities, owls are often considered very wise as they can easily catch prey and protect themselves from danger at night. With these abilities, owls are equated to being wise elders although they are not considered by experts to be the wisest of the bird world. 

The owl’s reputation for wisdom was the reason that Woo was became a character in Oscar’s new book.  Woo, in Oscar and his Diminutive Sister, is a wise old owl even though he doesn’t consider himself so wise.  He feels that he can’t be really wise because the more he learns the more he realizes how much he doesn’t know.  That frustrates and humbles him.  This, in my opinion, is a common human trait of smart people. 

It’s clear that no one can know everything, so what is “wisdom”? Oscar gives us a hint.  He comes to understand that wisdom stems from a combination of knowledge and experience.  In other words, being truly wise means being smart but having a long line of life experiences (that is, getting older!).  Then you can really understand deeper meanings of life.  So maybe the smartest individuals are those who are constantly seeking knowledge and never reach the end of learning.

Seeking wisdom is a humbling effort.  Woo knows that, how about you?